About Us

Welcome to Young Explosives Corporation, a premier display fireworks company in New York State since 1949.

Our History

As a child, Robert Young (1916-1996) felt if he burned the bright colored streamers that were left scattered on the ground after a parade, their blaze would make a colorful fireworks display. What started as a childhood fascination, grew into a hobby and eventually a career and a legacy. In 1949, Bob founded his own company and Young Explosives Corporation has been family owned ever since.

Today Bob’s son, Jim, is President of the company. With over 500 shows a year and 200 employees during our busy season, Jim and his employees have taken Young Explosives to a new level. Although Young Explosives may be larger than Bob ever imagined possible, the importance of a family owned business is something kept close to the heart and something Bob would be forever proud of creating.

Young Explosives Corporation is the right choice for your next event!


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